Watkyn LLC supports organizations implementing Rapid Application Development platforms such as Quick Base.

Watkyn LLC is based in Miami, Florida

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Our services:

Watkyn LLC offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to support organizations using Quick Base or other rapid application development platforms.

Quick Base App Building

We build Quick Base apps and add features to existing apps.

Mobile Apps for Quick Base

We make custom Quick Base mobile apps to run on iOS and Android devices.

Software Solutions

Our capabilities include solutions using other RDBMS such as MySQL or SQL Server. We develop with Javascript, Node, and C++, and also have experience in iOS development.


Organizations bring us in to fix applications that don’t work as required.


We integrate the apps in your ecosystem. We work with Zapier, Workato, Microsoft Flow, and create custom integrations where needed.

Custom UI/UX

We develop custom UIs to give you fine-grained control over presentation and access to information. This can include customer-, vendor-, or public-facing portals.

Citizen Developer Initiatives

We plan and execute citizen developer initiatives for large organizations that want to incentivize innovation, productivity gains, and mitigate shadow IT.


We provide Quick Base training for users, app builders, and in-house trainers.

Microservice APIs

We deploy APIs and microservices to integrate systems components, execute complex business logic, and give our clients more granular control over their data.

As-needed Support

We offer tailored user, builder, and technical support packages for Quick Base.

Analytics and BI

Organizations turn to us for dynamic dashboards, advanced analytics, and business intelligence capabilities that exceed what Quick Base provides natively. We work extensively with Microsoft Power BI to deliver enterprise-grade BI to SMBs.

Advisory Services

Unsure whether Quick Base or another platform would best meet your needs? We will analyze your use case, gather requirements, and present you with a menu of options to choose from.

What you can expect from us


There’s a reason we’re regarded as Quick Base experts. We are committed to staying at the cutting edge of rapid application development technology.


We take your data privacy and security seriously and take steps to safeguard it and prevent unauthorized access.


We take our work and our professional commitments seriously. Our clients know they can count on us.

Data Integrity

We build apps to last. We put a lot of careful thought into planning and design. Your app conforms not only to your business but to sound principles of database design.


We’ll keep you up to date about how your app is progressing and make sure you understand what we’re seeing and doing.


We meet requirements and finish the job, so when you throw the switch the lightbulb turns on.

Ready to talk?

Call us at (954) 900-6690, or send us a quick message and we’ll follow back up with you.