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Watkyn LLC - Enterprise Quick Base Services

Enterprise Quick Base Services

Watkyn LLC provides enterprise QuickBase support
What can you do as a senior executive to spark innovation all throughout a far-flung enterprise?
How can you kindle an entrepreneurial spirit in a mature and established organization?
Short of wringing it out of their budgets, is there a way to reap savings and productivity gains from business units?

One good answer: a citizen developer initiative.

A citizen developer initiative is a company- or division-wide program to encourage innovation, productivity gains, service improvements, and cost savings by empowering departments and workers to create new business apps using a low code platform like Quick Base.

The people closest to the work know what isn’t working. They feel it every day—frustration, annoyance, pain. But in a large organization, even supervisor or manager level employees may not feel that they have enough access to central IT or management to ask for technology solutions that would make their work and their work lives better.

Every suggestion has to be written up as a proposal. The proposal has to be justified and approved by people at higher levels, weighed against competing proposals, and finally, if enough people with enough clout care enough, it ends up at the bottom of the pile of an under-resourced central IT department.

Launching a successful citizen developer initiative requires planning, vision-casting leadership, clear and consistent messaging, and training and support resources for intrepid new Quick Base app builders.

The potential return on investment is incalculable – who knows what breakthrough ideas in the minds of your people are waiting to be unlocked.

A Watkyn citizen developer leadership team will work closely with you from day one to make sure your initiative is a success:

  • Planning
    We’ll help you define goals, KPIs, milestones, and timelines.
  • Messaging strategy and internal communications
    A successful citizen developer program depends on clear and consistent messaging and internal communications. We’ll help you develop your initiative’s messages and communications channels to engage employees and create buy-in and enthusiasm by department leaders and employees. We’ll help you plan a kick-off event, and create recognition and other incentive programs for departments and individuals to make your initiative a success.
  • Train-the-trainer and internal training support
    After the ceremonial kick off, the initiative begins with several days of instructor-led training for departmental trainers. Upon completion of this program, the new trainers will be well qualified to serve as resident Quick Base experts, trainers, tech support, and app builders for their departments.
  • Help desk and personal step-by-step support for new app builders
    Departmental trainers will continue to have direct access to higher level support from us at Watkyn, and we will follow up with additional on site training, webinars, phone conference, screen sharing sessions, or whatever is necessary to give your users and builders the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

We will customize a training program to the exact needs of your organization: instructor-led training at your location or webinar for users, app builders, or trainers.

The support provided by Quick Base itself is highly responsive and helpful, but we offer direct phone access to expert support including secure screen sharing to keep things moving now. We do more than provide technical support and solve problems—we’re ready to work with your users and app builders at every step to make your Quick Base implementation an unqualified success.

For some organizations, an embedded Quick Base expert to work on site is the right support solution. This might be the case if your user base is big enough that you need roving support and continuous individual training, or if you want a professional-level app builder to spearhead development or maintenance of apps in your organization.

We lease highly-qualified Quick Base professionals to organizations in the United States for defined or indefinite periods.

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“Phillip and his team at Watkyn have been a great strategic partner leading the success of our company. Always receptive and caring about the ideas presented, they work to find solutions and develop them. Could not be more happy than to work with Watkyn.”

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Thinking about a citizen developer initiative at your company?

Let’s talk. We’ll answer your questions and give you information to help you decide if a citizen developer initiative is what you’re looking for. Call us at (954) 900-6690 or click to e-mail.