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Watkyn LLC - Phillip Dennis, Principal

Phillip Dennis

Phillip Dennis, Principal, Watkyn LLC

As Principal of Watkyn LLC, I head a small team of U.S. database and software experts to solve the information systems problems that led our clients to seek help from us.

I spend a large part of my day in hands-on Quick Base app development for clients. Sometimes that is creating new tables, reports, forms, or fields. Sometimes it is writing JavaScript code or custom user interfaces that will allow the client to visualize their data or interact with their app using the Quick Base API in ways that are simply not available natively within Quick Base itself.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, training and mentoring my junior colleagues, and working closely with current and prospective clients to solve hard or frustrating problems in creative ways.

Excellence in communication, professionalism, responsiveness, and reliability are qualities people have often complimented me for, and I think that’s a reflection of my values and ethic.

I’m a bit geeky. Sound design and thorough documentation so that anyone else could continue my work where I left off are important to me.

I most enjoy those occasions when I can create a push-button solution that seems to a client almost like it works by magic. When information they’ve always wondered about is suddenly right there for them to see and drill down into, updated in real time … or when a task that has taken them tedious hours every month can now be performed in seconds at the push of a button … those are the results that give me the most pleasure.

Bonus: I’m a qualified management accountant (CMA) with a degree in economics, so in addition to technology, I understand business inside and out.